Home Improvements

This weekend was a weekend of home improvements for the books! After taking the measurements of my room in  my new San Luis Obispo home , I came to the daunting realization I am living in what looks like a walk-in closet! A 7×12 foot room is not quite ideal for a girl with so many things! It’s moments like these when I wish I was a minimalist!

But the only way to look at this was a great big decorating and organization challenge… so it was straight to the drawing boards (and Pintrest for some much needed inspiration)…




Strategically, my dad and I decided to add height to my bed and rather than furniture taking up space, building some shelves sounded like the better option. So after many trips to Home Depot, it was time to get to work!



You could see why I was getting nervous… this room was starting to become more and more of a nightmare! We realized my closet was quite exposed and being the neat freak that I am I decided that we were going to test our hand at carpentry a little more and build some kind of contraption that allowed a curtain… uh oh… But my dad being the engineer that he is, was confident!

But believe it or not after two days of hard work out in the backyard sawing wood, and drilling and nailing in these close quarters, it was starting to come along! I learned that when dealing with these kinds of small spaces, height and organization really is paramount. As difficult as it was for me to put decor on the back burner, I had to remind my self that there will always be time for that later!



Although not 100% done I really did start to fall in love with my cozy little room! (Something I certainly never thought I would say) And it did feel that much more amazing knowing that my dad and I truly put our blood and sweat into the details 🙂

Can’t wait to show you guys the final product 🙂