Holiday Hosting with Pottery Barn decor

Chanda and I may or may not have jumped up and down a bit when Pottery Barn of SLO called us and asked to partner with us this Holiday Season 😉  They recently underwent a re-model to create a more spacious and inviting store and we were SO excited to collaborate for their grand re-opening!! We were like little kids in a playground running from aisle to aisle comparing colors, textures and heights all to craft up the perfect table top and bar display for a little store demo. It was a great night filled with tips and tricks for holidays hosting, we loved getting the chance to meet faces in our community and help them select timeless pieces for their holiday traditions. All that to say, we thought it would be fun to share some of these nuggets with YOU since after all, we are sharers 🙂 Here is our list of helpful tidbits when decorating and hosting for the holidays, specifically for your table top and bar!

Table Top Tips & Tricks  

Keep in mind, other than thanksgiving this is other most popular time we really care about setting the table, so invest in it! We recommend white plates as the base so your colorful food can really shine and then allowing color and texture to play more in the linens and decor. 

Stacking- we loveeee to layer on a table. Not just in decor or centerpieces but in the actual table setting as well. It adds for more dimension and visual interest…so stack away. Charger…plate…plate…bowl..napkin…ornament table favor! This also communicates your courses to come for the guest without a menu. Just be sure you don’t stack too high for centerpieces, after all you want to see whom you are talking to across the table!

Nature- we are all about brining the outdoors inside. Not only does it make for a fun conversation piece that has creativity and texture, it’s inexpensive and makes the table feel more seasonal.

Color- choose between complementary/contrasting color scheme or monochromatic/tonal or completely neutral, check out a color wheel if you need inspiration! 

Lighting- dim those lights and light some candles or even use fairy lights for some bling. All candles should be scent free so as not to compete with food smells…leave the scented candles or flameless for the bar cart. Warmth created from real flame candles at the table is a plus in our books.

Investment pieces- these can be your napkins rings, salad plates, place card holders, a pretty glass, etc. These are items that are great conversation pieces and make a statement!

Linens- don’t feel like you need to use a table linen, especially if you have a gorgeous wood table! Use a runner or even bunch up a linen to use as a “runner” and use chargers instead to catch food. Remember we like stacking and after all, linens always get stained! When it comes to napkins keep them on the darker side for longevity. The holidays bring red wine and lipstick stains front and center.

Metallics- holiday season can scream metallic! After all, it’s the time of the year to add some bling and make it feel extra special. Plus then you can have some versatile pieces for New Years too! Don’t feel like you need to stick to all silver or all gold, mixed metallics is trending and adds for a creative eclectic look. (examples: mercury votives, cutlery, chargers, fairy lights, napkin holders, etc)

Bar Cart Tips & Tricks

Furniture selection- Your bar cart doesn’t have to be a cart, here we used a cart with a bedroom dresser as a support table. Just make sure your furniture is a decent size to hold everything (at least all add ins, can have glassware separate if need be). Ideas for furniture might be buffet, trunk, coffee table, etc. 

Flavor- add instant swankiness with simple syrups or shrubs- go for color and flavor!

Investment pieces- invest in a quality bar kit…the right tools for the job are fashionable all year long!

Linens- have some sort of cute dark towel or dark linen napkins for spills, if you do disposable cocktail napkins make a fun statement or conversation piece with these

Colors- repeat colors/tones of bar cart in your choice of coasters for the season…it extends the bar cart experience to the rest of the room

Menu- always have your drinks, add in’s, liquors, etc labeled. Also it’s great to have a menu with proposed “speciality cocktails” for guests 

Garnishes- garnishes are like the gift wrap, they can be an ingredient (citrus wedge, citrus peel, salt, herb, etc) OR paper good (straws, signs, pom pom, rock candy, stir stick etc)

Glassware- you can use your everyday glassware but update it for the holidays with just a few key statement pieces (a festive ice bucket, festive decanter, or mix up basic wine glasses with some festive lowballs or snazzy stirrers)


I hope that helps you feel a bit more Holiday ready!! If you use some these tips we would love to see!! Simply tag us on instagram at @zestitup!