Easy Holiday Card Display

Every Christmas I seem to get quite the pile of Christmas cards, which don’t get me wrong – I loveeeee this! I love snail mail, I loveee pictures, and I love catching up with old friends and reading christmas letters it’s kind of like my own little personal coffee date! But the pile is never pretty- always chaos! I struggle with trying to have a way to present the chaos, but not take up a ton of space and be festive. My mom would always scotch tape the cards to our kitchen cabinets- which is fun but a little disorganized looking when you are already looking at a messy kitchen- ha! I thought up this idea instead as a great entry way to the home. You can bring that lovely pine smell into the home, and won’t break the bank either!

supplies shot
sam with birch branch

Birch Branch (found mine from a gardening pile)
Butchers twine
Pruning Shears
Fishing line
Nails & Hammer
Branch clippings (grab leftover clippings from a Christmas tree farm)

cut pieces of twine

First cut some twine and take two branches that might be shorter than what you anticipated and tie them together to make one bigger more dramatic branch. I used the natural colored twine so it would be a little more hidden.

tie branches together

After creating a bigger “branch” I took some cotton butchers twine and tied the branch to my birch branch. I wrapped this many times so that it would be nice and secure. I then hung three more branches for four total. Just space the branches out and be sure to tie them all on the same side of the branch.

wrap cotton around branch to secure to birch branchattach four branches to birch branch is secure and tight

Once all your branches are tied on and secure it’s time to add some zest! I had some pinecones I gathered while on a hike that were perfect for that winter wonderland look I was going for. You will notice some of the pinecones are white washed looking, if you like that look check out my DIY on how to achieve this HERE. Otherwise simply grab some fishing wire (that way it’s clear and not visible) and hang the pinecones scattered throughout the branch.

use fishing line to string pinecones

Next I placed two nails in the wall and hung the branch securely on them. Then grab some clothespins and start pinning your cards to the branches- easy!!

hang branchpin christmas cardsentry way greeting

Super cute and easy, a great way to bring the outdoors and pine smell into the home all the while mixing it up when it comes to card display! It would be super cute to string some copper lights through the branches too for a twinkle effect!! (get the battery operated kind- wink wink!)

welcome friends sign
christmas card display
christmas card display

Have fun decorating!!