Hide A Book Bird’s Nest

Today is a cold rainy day, time to bust out those rainy day crafts- maybe you have a special board on pinterest just for those “when i have time to craft days” (not that we ever really get many of those right??) But just in case you get to take a sabbath today and have some good old indoor craft time- check out my “for a rainy day” board or this fun simple project my brother (of all people!) taught me.

Start with some old books- ones that are well loved always have the best character! Usually I find mine at thrift stores or garage sales for a bargain. Once you have your book (make sure it has a good depth bc we will be wanting some decent storage space inside- i suggest 1 to 1 1/2 inches thick).

a pile of vintage books

The next step I forgot to take a picture but it’s really self explanatory- basically we are creating a box out of a book and we want to make sure that the “walls” of the book are stable. So grab your elmers glue and water it down a little, then give multiple coats the the book pages on side (that way the pages stick together and dry) you shouldn’t be able to open up any pages! Let dry overnight- should feel like a brick!
an open book that has had a smaller book outlined in blue ink inside it Next we want to trace the “hole” we are creating in the book! I traced a smaller book and that made things simple!an exacto knife about to start cutting along a blue line Whip out that exacto knife (sharper the blade the more you won’t hate this project, it can become VERY time consuming). Yep still keep carving out the center of the book….

an exacto knife lying inside of a book that has its pages starting to be cut out the inside of a book has been cut out I told ya- about and inch or so deep- lots of space to store in book!Then you can slap some elmers glue on inside too to keep walls tight and sturdy. (let dry)
a ceramic bird sitting inside the book that has had its inside cut out And there is how I used my book for decor to make a cute little bird’s nest, you could also slip the book away on the shelf and hide valuable- so slyyyy.

Hope you have a wonderful sunday- thanks for zestin’