Hanging Circular Shelf

We got a little crafty in our office bathroom, again.  This time around, we created a crazy simple hanging shelf to add interest to our space.  I love how it turned out because it’s simplicity lent so much to it’s form.  Keeping the elements raw, the shelf took on a fun BOHO vibe that only was accentuated when we decided to use it to display some of our happy succulents.  You have gotta love a project that is inexpensive, whips up in a snap, and makes a room feel furnished.  Win-win-win!!

hanging bathroom shelf_0000


12″ wooden disk (mine was purchased at Ace Hardware)


sisal rope

old hook hardware

1 screw hook

hanging bathroom shelf_0001

Start by drilling three holes in the disk, making sure to keep them equally spaced for balance.

hanging bathroom shelf_0002

The length of rope you cut depends on how low you desire your shelf to hang from the ceiling.  I chose to cut mine about three feet long.

hanging bathroom shelf_0003

Insert a piece of rope down into one of the drilled holes and pull it up to tie it off.  Repeat this for all three holes.

hanging bathroom shelf_0004

Bring all three pieces of rope up to a centered apex.

hanging bathroom shelf_0005

Wrap them through your hardware and tie them off.  This may take a little fussing in order to keep things balanced and straight.

hanging bathroom shelf_0006

Now, simply install the screw top hook into your ceiling and hang your new shelf!

hanging bathroom shelf_0000

Cute as a button, if you as me.

Happy crafting!