Halloween Mummy wrapped bottles

While I am not a HUGE Halloween fanatic I love dressing up and I am always down for a good party and food. With that said I am always keeping my eyes out for new fun ideas for the next party I host! I am also all about decorating for the Holidays with everyday items that in this case would normally be trash- grab those beer bottles and wine bottles and get to wrapping!! Here is an easy way to dress your dining table for Halloween without getting too creepy crawly but a little more playful. Plus an excuse to have a few drinks with some friends too right?

Old wine/beer bottles
Google Eyes
Hot glue Gun
Tapered Candles

First grab your cheesecloth and unroll to wrap around bottle and measure. Cut three sections of cheesecloth all the same length. You can pull part the cheesecloth so they are thin layers.

After measuring your strips of cheesecloth out wrap your bottle to cover the label and make layers around the glass. Secure with hot glue.

glue eyes on cheesecloth

Next hot glue your wiggles eyes onto the cheesecloth.

Place candle into bottle

Wiggle your tapered candle into the top of bottle, if the fitting is not perfect feel free to melt the wax a bit with a lighter so it’s secure.

light candle

Time to light your candles and let the “creepy” drips begin down the side of the bottle.

halloween table setting

I LOVE the end product and that it has so much fun variety and character with each bottle. Infact you will see I even dripped a little wine on one bottle to make it look “bloody.” Then line up your bottles to create a runner and fill in gaps on the table with old bottles, spider webs and candles. Make sure you check out my table setting blog post coming on Friday to see how you can really deck out this easy table centerpiece even more!!
That’s a wrap!