Good Will Outlet Spree

Sam and I had an awesome day yesterday!  We were conquering the world, meeting with clients, interns, and photographers.  So much fun!  But, the best part was what we did with our in between time.  In true Zest it Up fashion, we ran over and raided the Goodwill Outlet.  If you have never experienced a treasure hunt of this caliber, the typical scenario is you dive in looking for specifics and then walk out with unbelievable finds that you didn’t even know you needed.  Haha, thank goodness we have a business to buy for, or we could possibly find ourselves on Hoarders: Buried Alive!

In the true spirit of a treasure hunt…we wanna share our finds with you.  Check out these adorable film chairs (uhhh, blanking on the actual name of these cuties).  I can’t wait to paint “Mr.” and “Mrs.” on this perfect duo.  They are going to make a fantastic rental for weddings and photo shoots. =$10

DSC_1857Next up, a dreamy, creamy vintage suitcase.  This baby has a future as a prop rental…or maybe we will turn it into a fantastic table! =$3DSC_1858DSC_1863And who could resist a vintage chair with caning in tact.  The beautifully aged cream finish doesn’t need a thing.  Once we reupholster the seat, it will make such a pretty, proper resting spot for a bride! =$5DSC_1859DSC_1860


This piece may not strike your imagination as of yet, but look for a future post in which we transform it into a pie display. =$.50DSC_1865Ha, and I couldn’t pass up a couple of cuties for my patio that I’m currently bringing up to snuff. =$1.00DSC_1869And check out this gorgeous set….we collected up a whole set, too!  We were so excited about these ultra mod and fabulous settings that they instantly became our inspiration piece for an upcoming photo shoot next month.  Set of four =$5.00DSC_1866And, ummm, HELLO yellow! =$1.00DSC_1867You guessed it!  Another possibility for a pie pedestal! =$1.00DSC_1868Greys and silvers, here we come!  Hmmm, I think we are ready for some blue, yellow and grey gorgeousness! =$1.00DSC_1870And here is a large wooden platter…I’m thinkin’ it’s a blank slate, what do you think? =$.50DSC_1871And lastly, another possibility for pie display…hahaha, Sam and I were scratching our heads a bit about what this thing was originally, though.  I think it is designed to hang a couple of wine glasses and serve some cheese.   What do you think? =$1.00DSC_1872Whoops, one more gem….another way to rock some grey! =$.50DSC_1873Phew..and the best part is that we only shopped for an hour.  It literally reminds me of a trip to South Dakota that Sean and I took….in an hour he had caught his limit of fish for the entire day.  Exhilarating!

Happy treasure hunting!