“Give Thanks” barn wood acorn sign

Apparently I was a little squirrel gathering lots of acorns for zestin, because I wasn’t kidding when I said more acorn projects on the way….there is still more after this 🙂 hehe. Needless to say, I love Thanksgiving. You put three of the greatest things together… FAMILY+FRIENDS+FOOD. Aka perfection. But I am not gonna lie, I love me some good grubs, but you gotta have the ambiance too- right? That’s where we get crafting to make some fun and unique thanksgiving decor to set the table, greet your guests, or if anything just have some fun collecting acorns. ahha. We started with the mantle the other day, now lets move to maybe the front door? In the kitchen? You name it, this sign can be hung anywhere and still be adorable.

got your barn wood? fence post? some type of wood?

Got your burlap and acorn hats? (ya i made that up, not sure what the tops are called, caps? I like hats)

Start hot gluing away!

Voila! Now I am lovin it- but not gonna lie- i think I could have spread the words out a bit more so they are more clearly legible…you agree? Learn from me Jedi.

Thanks for Zestin!