Gin & Tangerine La Croix Rosemary Cocktail

We are in full Holiday swing, bouncing from one Holiday party to the next!! This year is a little different for me, since I am 28 weeks preggo I will not be partaking in the “drink and be merry” part- but no sweat still happy to host, toast (with my la croix) and DD- ha! I can still be merry 🙂 I am here to hold it down with a cocktail I made and LOVED (before I was pregnant) and was excited to bust out for you hosting this year! It’s not your classic predictable spritzer or cranberry and vodka- time to mix it up! Similar to a gin and tonic, this bubbly gin cocktail brings in some winter flair and flavor with citrus and rosemary essence. Super easy to make, refreshing and still somewhat hydrating when you add that la croix- cheers to trying something new!

ingredients shot

First de-leaf your rosemary sprig by pulling the leaves in the opposite direction of their growth. Add these aromatic leaves to your cocktail shaker- yum!

de-leaf rosemary

Next squeeze the juice of one orange into your shaker.

squeeze orange

Add one shot of gin to your shaker with ice and 4 oz tangerine la croix.

one shot gin



Pour your mixture over ice and top off with more la croix as needed.

pour over iceadd garnish

Cheers my friends!