Garlic, honey and lemon tea


This combination isn’t for the light of heart.  However, when you have been nursing 3 kids all week with the flu and you finally succumb to that nasty little virus, this concoction can become your best friend.DSC_1275This tea is a wonderful holistic answer to the flu or the common cold due in large part to garlic’s natural antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Chop up one fat clove, or two smaller cloves and combine with the juice of half a lemon and some honey to sweeten.  Now, simply top off with hot water.

DSC_1278Oh, and did I forget to mention the last ingredient?  As you can make out in the pic, I give a good shake of cayenne to add a bit more pain to the remedy.

DSC_1283This beverage has aided me in speedy recovery for decades.  Time to drink up.

DSC_1279DSC_1291Good girl.

Now, I will be repeating this one til I kick this nasty bug!  I hope you have health right now….if not, have courage and give this one a try!