Garden Shovel Sign

Find & Fix it Friday

I took maya on a run near my house the other day and was minding my own business until I saw this gorgeous rusted shovel just laying there on the side of the road calling my name. I took a few steps past and then made up my mind- on my way back home I would take the shovel head home and make it mine- all mineeee. Ya it was junk, but I had a plan for that junk. Not going to lie- I got some interesting looks from the construction workers on my street when I came jogging by with a a dog leash in one hand and a giant shovel head in the other. Yep- it was worth it though….


Acrylic white paint

Shovel head


Clear coat

First I decided what I wanted to write on my shovel. Since the shape was so unique and short I knew it had to be a shorter word-umm that’s not hard- ZEST!

zest shovel sign_0000

After painting on my word I gave a quick spray of clear coat to preserve the lettering in the weather.

zest shovel sign_0001

I stuck the handle side in the dirt and it was the cutest little Zest welcome sign! I’m in love!

zest shovel sign_0002

Now time to watch the garden grow!