Garden Brick Herbs

OK so remember when I posted about my garden- those cute little wooden chalk board stick? ehhm ya- not the brightest idea- rain or sprinklers will wash off the label and rot the wooden stake so it looks like this…..solution you ask??

two stick chalkboard signs I saw this idea on pinterest and couldn’t help but do it to fix my little issue- here is my stab at it but the original props must go to simpledetails.

four bricks stacked on top of each otherAfter collecting your bricks, simply trace out what you want them to say with pencil.

a brick that has mint written on it in pencil

Next use permanent marker to trace over pencil. Be inspired by fun fonts!

two bricks on top of each other. One has mint written on it and the other has thyme written on it

a brick that has thyme written on it

And could that get any easier?? I think not! The writing will fade with time- but I personally like that look. Otherwise you can always retrace with sharpie! This idea is great for basically anything- write kids names or a quote on them and use as decor, use bricks as table numbers for wedding, or even as a cute book end- countless possibilities!!!