Fromagerie Sophie, San Luis Obispo

What’s Up Wednesday

If you are a foodie, I think that one of the best playdates in the world involves hanging out with other foodies over exquisite food.  I am not talking about the simplicity of a dish or two, but actually time to savour a smorgasbord of curated beauties that have been lovingly and masterfully created by food artists.  And when it comes to curating, Sophie and Paul of Fromagerie Sophie  are dialed!  They are amazingly self-educated in the knowledge of perhaps one of the oldest traditions within food culture.  The hype of food trends and fusion experiments would be no where without the art of cheese making.  And thanks to Sophie and Paul, all of us SLO-ites can lean on their expertise and discover an amazing world outside of the supermarket standbys of cheddar and Monterey jack.

Sophie Fromagerie_0000

Lucky for us gals, we got to enjoy the most excellent playdate!  Bringing along some lovely bottles of local wine, we saddled up to a communal table in their cheese shop to  break bread and be amazed!

Sophie Fromagerie_0001Sophie Fromagerie_0002

Sam and I have told you that cheese is actually our “love language,” right?  But no, seriously.  It is a legit way that we express and receive love! LOL

Sophie Fromagerie_0003Sophie Fromagerie_0004

Man o’ man did we feel loved at Fromagerie Sophie!

Sophie Fromagerie_0005

Surrounded by so many gorgeous culinary delights, we were feeling more than a little inspired.

Sophie Fromagerie_0006Sophie Fromagerie_0007Sophie Fromagerie_0008

Time to get down to business!  Or, more importantly, the time for eating!

Sophie Fromagerie_0009

Pairing with our Chronic Cellars bubbly, Sophie selected Chabichou du Poitou, Mimolette Extra Virile, and Le Saulnois Reserve Vielle Tome.   The Chabichou (right in the center) had an amazing balance of lemon and fresh milk.  Made from goat’s milk, it’s color and dense fudgey consistency was definitely a new addiction!  However, the Mimolette’s intense orange hue, nuttiness and bitter rind were pretty darn memorable with our sparkling wine.

Sophie Fromagerie_0010

Did I mention we were pretty giddy with every platter.  We kind of felt like we were in a dream.  The best kind of dream….one that includes copious amounts of CHEESE!

Sophie Fromagerie_0011Sophie Fromagerie_0012

Pairing with our Lone Madrone Albarino, I was kind of in love with the texture and tang of the Epoisses de Bourgogne (the center cheese) with the dried cherries.  Happy sparks in the mouth!  We love the Tome des Pictons (the one with the blue vegetable ash line running through it’s midsection) and Gorwydd Caerphilly.  But dang it, that Epoisses was so memorable…guess that is why it was historically Napaleon’s favorite, as well!

Sophie Fromagerie_0013

With our Vina Robles Chardonnay, we enjoyed Saoumaintrain, L’Etivaz, and Beaufort Chalet d’Alpage.  The last being the tastebud winner with our vino selection!  The Beaufort created a sparkle on the tong with a mid palate saltiness that was magical with the wine.  Ok, I sound like a nerd, but you should seriously play this game!  Wine and cheese….everyone is a winner at this game!!

Sophie Fromagerie_0014Sophie Fromagerie_0015Sophie Fromagerie_0016

By the end of the night, we were feeling like family.  How could you not when you spend a couple of hours delighting in your foodiness?  Epic!Sophie Fromagerie_0017Sophie Fromagerie_0018Sophie Fromagerie_0019

Sophie Fromagerie_0020Sophie Fromagerie_0021

A seriously big thank you to Paul and Sophie for such a lovely night in their little downtown gem of a shop!  We were tantalized and giddy with delight.  Great conversation, great cheese and great wine.  Not a bad way to spend a weeknight!

Sophie Fromagerie_0022

Ahhh, and to finish we enjoyed some of the most amazing chocolate with our Robert Hall  port!  Dick Taylor dark chocolate.  One with flour de sel and the other with Sam’s fav: COCONUT!

Sophie Fromagerie_0027Sophie Fromagerie_0026

Job well done!  Happy bellies and happy hearts!

Sophie Fromagerie_0025Sophie Fromagerie_0023

Cheers to new friends, good food, and lots of wine!


Chanda & Sam