Friday Finds

Sam here! I am super excited to share some of my treasures from hunting this past week- some are oldies but goodies that are part of my routine MUST and others are new finds that I am excited to challenge myself with and explore…let’s get to finding!

Meyers Geranium Hand Soap

My name is Sam and I am addicted to this soap. No but really. It literally makes me happy every time I smell it. I first discovered this soap and scent back in college when a local favorite coffee shop had it in their bathroom. I would literally look forward to washing my hands. Now fast forward and I have my own office space (*pinch me*) and I can’t help but get SO excited to put this soap in the bathroom. Ya ya ya it’s super moisturizing and contains aloe and olive oil- but that scent. Oh that scent! Wish this screen was scratch and sniff….


Desktop Watercolor backgrounds by tania estevez

I saw these beauties on Design Love Fest instagram feed and couldn’t help but click to download. They are perfect for your spring computer desktop! The only problem is you are going to have trouble deciding which one you want!! Thankfully there are quite a few so you can rotate out for each screen or day of the week- phew!





Voluspa Candles

Have you ever smelled a Voluspa candle? People this is life changing! I am not going to lie, part of me can’t wait to light this candle but then the other part of me never want’s the candle to end so I only light it sparingly. The good news is I can order another. Tee hee. I love the smell but I also love the look- they have the cutest vessels to really make a statement and match any decor in your home. They are a coconut wax blend and phthalates, parabens and sulfate free! The perfect Mother’s day gift?? I think YES.


Me time >Netflix

Odd title? I know- but I am loving this article over on The Everygirl that gives you some inspiration with getting out of the I’m-tired-and-dont-want-to-do-anything-but-watch-netflix-rut-after-a-long-day-at-work routine. Amen?? From writing a letter to hosting a wine night to doing some spa treatments or organizing- this little list is inspiring and will get you away from the TV glow for a much healthier glow. Not to say I won’t be watching my netflix this week at all- but maybe, just maybe, I will mix it up, will you??


Meet: “Squalane”

James over at Bleubird blog is one hip momma who know’s her beauty products- not going to lie I scratched my head a bit when she dropped the word “squalane” but after a little explanation- it’s a natural moisturizing molecule that is actually already produced by the human body but sadly is depleted with age. I just ordered my free sample and am super excited to try out this new beauty product!

(warning you will have to pay $4 for shipping, but hey thats like one coffee right??)


Happy Friday!