Friday Finds

Sam and I are officially on the road this week…adventuring with our fam-bams and having a blast!  It is the perfect respite in the midst of a crazy beginning to wedding season.  Time to collect ourselves, enjoy or families and get back to nature.  It feels good to slow down and not have every minute scheduled.  I needed a major refresher and connection to the earth, so we headed up to Northern California for some gorgeous hikes, wild life and fresh air.

I am currently chillin’ in our cabin, listening to the forceful winds making the redwoods dance around me as a thunderstorm begins to roll in while I write today’s Friday Finds.  Not too shabby in my book!  So, here you go….some of my current fav finds….

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park


I had to include some of the magic of my travels this week, right?  This is the incredible old growth redwood forest where they shot the Star Wars saga, Return of the Jedi.  After hiking around for hours and discovering all sorts of amazing flora and fauna, I was totally feelin’ my Princess Leia buns!  This place is somewhere between Jurassic Park and Tinker Bell’s world.  I LOVE it!  The ferns color everything with a green paintbrush, and the calm places of the river were a beautiful turquoise.  Absolute magic for my soul!!!

Jedediah Smith Redlands_0326

Dead Sea Masks with Girlfriends

Glowing skin from laughter and one of the best ingredients EVER.  Have you discovered the benefits of Dead Sea mud?  It is awesome for pulling out the toxins from your skin as it dries.  It also improves circulation, reduces pores and lines and improves elasticity.  Ummmm basically, it allows you to laugh harder and not worry so much about those laugh lines!Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 10.28.55 AM

Trader Joe’s Ginger Turmeric Tea


This little beauty is my go-to for comfort and health!  Ginger is an amazing aid for digestion, but the health benefits of ginger compounded with turmeric is genius!  It makes for a crazy tasty cup that helps my body heal itself.


Bread and Wine:

A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes


Are you shocked?  Of course, my current read includes recipes….duh!  Hahaha, seriously, this little read is a gem and I am seriously enjoying reading something that doesn’t glow during my little road trip.  It’s hard to believe that I was an english major in another life!  I used to read voraciously, and now it seems my time is spent in reading snippets that send me down bunny-trails of thought.  I am not knocking grabbing quick answers and insights online, but there is something magical about hearing your own voice in your head as you pour over the pages of a good book.  It feels decadent!  On a computer screen your eyes continuously glare up to the top right corner watching the minutes tick past.  You feel like there is never enough time!  But, to read a novel is to be in the moment, allowing your thoughts to deepen rather than flit from one subject to another.  My brain is feeling more rested.  My thoughts more clear.

Spring Reading List Bread & Wine_0327

Nisolo’s James Oxford in Bone


For spring, I am feelin’ these super chic oxfords.  They are perfect with jeans or for that delicious touch of boyishness with that favorite spring dress.  If you have not heard of Nisolo, their mission is simple.  In their own words:

To return fashion to what it once was:

about people, art, and valuing the producer and the planet just as much as the customer.

We can so get behind good design, quality and beautiful business practices.


That’s all for now zesties!