Friday Finds

I’m coming at ya with some fabulous Friday finds that are making my heart skip a beat and jump with joy! From eye candy for your home to your closet or happy tatsebuds here are some trending lovelies this fine week…


Kodiak ‘Acadia’ Boots

My hubby recently splurged on these beauties for me for Christmas and man do I love them (and him!). There are some shoes that you buy knowing they will have a short life, but not these suckers my friend. Not only will I wear these boots all the time but they are such great quality and will really last. I love that I can dress them up or down with some cute tights or wool socks- you really cant go wrong. Plus they are insulated and waterproof- score!



Grapefruit Tart with a coconut crust

I am a sucker for all things citrus as well as coconut so when these beauties popped up on my feed I knew it was love at first sight. This recipe will be happening as soon as I get my hands on some grapefruit. Plus aren’t they just gorgeous?? Wowzers!! Get in my belllyyyyyy.



Stila Lip Stain

Whenever I am going out my “go to” lip color is my red stila lip stain. I usually wake up the next morning and find myself having to rub my lips with a washed cloth to remove the color- in my books this is a great problem to have!! Plus they have sooooo many beautiful colors!! Taste the rainbow my party peeps…you can snag these at Sephora, Ulta or online! XO



DIY Wrapped Wooden Spoon

This is one find I just might have to make myself. I love how simple this DIY is- plus it would make for a great gift! From a wedding gift to a housewarming gift or even mother’s day, I sure would love to get these colorful beauties!!



Black Peppercorn + Cranberry Shrub Cocktail

Chanda and I loveeee to make shrubs- have you had one yet? These delicious vinegar based cocktails have sooo many flavor combos, since we are in winter mode I am all about that cranberry flavor and color. A dash of peppercorn? Why not? Let’s grab drinks my friends!!