Free August 2018 Bullet Journal Layout

It’s that beautiful time again!  Habits, schedules and to-do lists are about to start fresh all over again as we begin to shut the door to July and open up the blank slate of a new month.  We just had THE BEST camaraderie and hang-out “sesh” at our monthly Bullet Journal Meet Up last night.  In all honesty, there isn’t anything much better than gathering up together for a night of laughs, pot lucking, a little wine drinking, and an awesome amount of doodling and planning out our Bullet Journals for the next month.  It is so much fun watching everyone’s journals take on very personal and individual journeys of creativity and function.  I think my favorite is watching the balance everyone strikes when sharing little doodles or organizing tactics in their own journals, while passing around their phones to share their latest Pinterest discoveries and inspiration.  

While I am an avid believer in Bullet Journaling as a great way to organize, goal set, and doodle away my stress of the day, I think that our meet ups are quickly becoming a true selling point for for keeping up my Bullet Journal.

If Bullet Journaling is a new concept for you, it is pretty easy to explain.  A dotted blank journal book literally becomes what you need.  Mine is partly motivational, but largely task and calendar driven with pages interspersed for scrap booking special moments in the midst of the chaos of my busy life.

Of late, Sam and I have been taking turns creating a monthly layout that we like to share here on our blog for readers to print out and use in their own journals, if they want.  It is a free little gift, and it kinda feels special to think that our doodles might grace the pages of some of your worlds. This month, I had some fun with our watercolor pencils, creating some cheery sunflowers that mimic the view of my neighbor’s flower bed this time of year.

If you want to take a stab at using these pages to start your own journal, or use in your current journal, simply click here for your free downloadable August Bullet Journal pages.  The best is that you can literally print them straight onto these Avery labels here, and then seamlessly stick them into your own book.  Then it is just a matter of you filling in your schedule, figuring out habits you want to track and what you want to plan.

I have created space for meal planning, creating a grocery list, monitoring your water intact for optimal health, and space for all the days of the week.  In the tracker section, you can track hours of sleep, skincare regime, or whatever other area in which you want to gain perspective and motivation.

I particularly like using the stickers because you can space them out on the pages to allow yourself some room to scrapbook some summer memories in-between your planning and tracking!

I hope this little Free August Bullet Journal Layout finds you well and enriches your life in some way.  Whether it helps you to stay motivated or get on track, at least I know that my sunny little sunflowers might bring some cheer to your summer days!

Happy Bullet Journaling!