Footprint Mother’s Day Card

I’m over here preparing to ball my eyes out for my first Mother’s Day on Sunday- ggaaaah! So fun! Now that I am in the “Mom Club” it only means I can appreciate and love on my own Momma even more. I am finally able to see and experience a little of the love and sacrifice she has given so freely to me for almost 30 years at first hand. Wowzers, Moms are hardcore and I am so happy that we have a day to celebrate them. Whether it’s your mom, mother in law, grandma, aunt or any “mom” superhero figure in your life, they deserve a shout out of love and this card is a little inspiration. For those of you whom have a little bambino or tyke with small feetsies grab some cardstock or watercolor paper, washable paint and markers….oh and tiny feet.

First take your washable, and I emphasize washable paint, and paint your little one’s feet. You can use a brush or get hands on like I did….

Can we talk about Ryker’s face?! He is not so sure about this “crafting” thing yet. Trust me Ry, you will love it. wink wink.

Next I tried to press his foot onto the paper and as you can see he did NOT like this and it also came out kind of funky….messy! (You want to overlap the footprints to make a heart)

Oops! Ha! So a better technique is to bring the paper to his foot! Ah genius momma here! 🙂 lol #alwayslearning

Let your footprints dry and grab another paper to scribe your cuteness….it can be a simple I love you or….I wrote “I love you Gammy (nope not a typo, thats what we are going for! so cute!)…from the top of my fuzzy head to the tip of my long toes” Feel free to personalize however! After all, that’s what makes it homemade right? Preach it from the heart! Next I cute out my dry footprints and taped them onto my card.

This is the front of the card and then I plan to write a note to my momma on the back…

Happy dance!