Find it & Fix it Friday: Old Sconce, New Sconce

So, I have already shared with all you Zesters about the excitement surrounding my sister’s coming nuptials….and all the fun planning!  I recently did a post on all the trends for bridal showers for 2014, and asked her to check it out for some inspiration for her own shower……cuz I needed some direction as the Matron of Honor!  Well, she fell in love with all the rich color and textures of the boho and Moroccan designs.  Yippee, a pair made in heaven!  Oh boy, am I going to have FUN!!

Today I found a moment to start hunting around GoodWill for some design inspiration for her shower.  Of course, I found an insane amount of little treasures!  Yay, me!  One of the best finds were these wrought iron candlesticks for a mere $5.


For the pic, I placed them next to my other find…a matching set of hurricane shades that just happened to sit beautifully on top of the candlesticks and cost a mere $4 total!  I knew I was on to something for the boho Moroccan themed bridal shower that I was preparing for!  Their form was great, and their stature even better!

Now, for some supplies!


I chose a textured metal for outdoor patio, because I love the finish and I figured that the finished product would be beautiful for dining alfresco!

The most time consuming aspect of this project was the prep work.  Really, it didn’t take much time at all.  Just some scraping…….

DSC_3742Then, once the excess wax is scratched off, time for a little sanding….

DSC_3745The sand paper did a great job at removing any leftover film from the wax (so that the paint would adhere), and it smoothed out and roughed up the old finish perfectly.  Check out the debris!

DSC_3747Smooth and ready for a coat of primer.  You can use white, grey, or black….it’s just important that it is a spray primer for metal finishes.  Rustoleum is always a great bet!

DSC_3748DSC_3749DSC_3750Primed and ready, it was time to coat with my textured paint.  What is fantastic about this project is that the paints don’t require a crazy amount of dry time between coats.  Thank goodness, cuz I was in the mood for some immediate gratification!

DSC_3751DSC_3753I did about three coats…allowing for only a few minutes between for coats to dry.  I love how the texture started to develop as it dried!

DSC_3754DSC_3755While those rested for drying time, I moved onto the hurricanes.  I decided that I would want them safe, so I reached for some wire for both a design element and a safety measure.

DSC_3759 I wound the wire around the top and made some random design along the sides as I switched from winding around the top, to winding around the bottom.  Crisscross applesauce!

DSC_3760DSC_3761After the candlesticks were dry, I stabbed a set of new candles on them that I got for a whopping $5….then I simply wound the wire around the plate surface of the candlestick for extra security.

Pretty hot set!


20140314_16511220140314_16502320140314_16500920140314_16514420140314_16500020140314_165056Not too shabby for a Find n’ Fix it!  I’m super happy with how they turned out….tomorrow I will go ahead and do the wire on the second one (tee-hee ran out of time today).