Find & Fix it Friday: old wine barrel turned fountain

I love repurposing objects.  Sam and I get a total kick out of giving discarded objects a second life.  Case in point, check out Sam’s planters:


Yup, those are wine barrels turned planters.  Or what about the project I did a while back, turning old wine barrel staves into a bench:

DSC_3729(pp_w705_h471)Well, today, I am headed outdoors for some tranquility.  I love the sound of running water in my yard.  So, with a couple of basics, I was ready to transform a barrel into a quaint little patio fountain.



  • vinyl pond liner
  • staple gun
  • half barrel
  • small pond pump
  • vinyl hose
  • aquarium rocks
  • pond plants
  • metal pails
  • drill



There is no graceful way of doing this.  I simply spread the liner inside of my barrel, trimming as I went and stapling to secure it.

Barrel_fountain_diy.17Don’t worry about wrinkles, it will not look perfect.  Just be patient and wait until you fill your barrel.  The weight of the water should smooth things out.

Barrel_fountain_diy.10I decided to fill my pond with a few water hyacinths for color and the water health.  I am a relative novice to pond gardening, but I know that water hyacinths are great at cleaning up the water.


I also wanted the splash of water, so after filling my pond, I submersed a small water pump that I picked up at Miner’s.  A simple $30 purchase that was going to bring some magic to my space.

Barrel_fountain_diy.20Things are looking good.  Color: check.  Pump working: check.  Now for a little flare.

Luckily, I found some classic Corona buckets.  I loved the casual and funky feel of the buckets, so I decided to make my fountain with the help of a drill.


Barrel_fountain_diy.12Barrel_fountain_diy.14It literally takes seconds to put these buckets together, but I wasn’t crazy about the tin sound of the water splashing in the buckets…so I simply added some pebbles to give a more rounded sound.

Barrel_fountain_diy.8Barrel_fountain_diy.15Barrel_fountain_diy.5Barrel_fountain_diy.3A couple of larger rocks to hide my hose, and AHHHHHHH.

Barrel_fountain_diy.21Top off with water, add some fish and water conditioner, and you are set!

Barrel_fountain_diy.13Barrel_fountain_diy.11Barrel_fountain_diy.9Barrel_fountain_diy.6Barrel_fountain_diy.18Happy day!  The birds are already loving this little oasis, and I love hearing the sound of serenity when I open my windows in the evening.  Love.

Soooo….what are you going to make a fountain out of? 🙂