Find & Fix it Friday: How to age your fireplace

Are you stuffed from eating too much food yesterday? Or are you out braving the streets for Black Friday shopping? Or better yet are you out choppin’ down a Christmas tree? Well no matter the task at hand I hope you are having a great day of rest and peace after a wonderful Thanksgiving. Personally I am at home working on house projects while humming to some classic christmas tunes. For today’s find n fix it I was excited to share my fireplace make over! That’s right, hold off on hanging your stalkings because you will want to do this makeover to your brick fireplace once you see this easy tutorial. I was home alone the other night and rather than getting sucked into the deep hole of pinterest I decided to take a stab at reworking my fireplace. See that sucker below….

3Now don’t get me wrong, this is a lovely fireplace. Just a little too “perfect,” new and reeeeeeeddddd! I always seem to admire pieces I find in the thrift store or antique store that show some age because I just love the character each piece has. My fireplace wasn’t saying much of a story other than “HELLO” when you walk in. Time to tone down the red, but how? I just went for it! I tried looking around online for tutorials and found some about using a white wash and others with moss, but none really had the look I wanted. So with that I took a deep breath and said, “what’s the worse that can happen? I paint it?”


First I busted out the spackling, yep good old white house spackling. Scrape that baby around on there.


Next I found some Ash wood stain I was using for my shelf project and rubbed that onto the brick with an old towel to tone down the white.



Next I sanded off the bricks with some medium grit sandpaper, this I did by hand.


After sanding, take a wet cloth (preferably an old terry towel so it has some texture to get in the grooves) and wipe/rub down each brick. You are wanting to wipe off the white and stain it’s less dramatic and more natural looking.


After wiping down the bricks, do it again! I found that the first time you get most of the white powder off but the second time with a clean rag works even better for the finishing touches.


Gotta love a good before and after like this….


Thanks for stopping by to see my latest fixin’