Find & Fix it Friday: Craft Station with Vintage Pressed Glass

This Friday we have a double fix it for you!

Over the Christmas season, I spent quite a bit of time and energy perusing thrift stores for unique gifts and diy projects.  Invariably, when on the hunt, I can’t help but succumb to the temptation of bringing home a couple treasures for my own home.  I was good this year!  I promise!  I genuinely did not overindulge when I was supposed to be shopping for others, but I did pick up a couple of really cute vintage pressed glass pieces.  Actually, I found three….and three sounds to me like the beginning of a collection.  Collections in themselves are really cool displayed, but I decided to make it a tad more utilitarian.  Check it out:

First vessel needing some TLC:

DSC_3421Did you notice at first glance that this is a genuine Fire King?  Someone actually sprayed it this weird golden hue.  But, check out the price tag:

DSC_3427For a whopping 99c, I decided that it was worth saving this vintage piece…or at least trying 🙂  But, lemme show you my other piece before I dive into my fixin’ maneuvers.

DSC_3437Cute, right?  This is the finish that I know is under the other gold-sprayed one.  And check out the price tag:

DSC_3434Nice score, right?  You bet I was able to justify 99c and 75c for some vintage treasures!

Now onward!

DSC_3428After trying a soapy scrub, I decided my golden vase needed something a bit more intense to remove the spray paint.

DSC_3430I doused out a big glop and began to spread it on thick.

DSC_3431Now, leaving this to sit and do it’s magic….I moved on to my tiny vessel.  Not really needing any “fixing,” I decided to transform it into something useful.

DSC_3438First, I found this super cool vest that I bought at a thrift store about 5 years ago.  It has been sitting in my fabric pile, just waiting to be turned into something cool….and today was THE day.  Who could resist those cool hot air balloons?

DSC_3439Cutting out a small circle, I began doing a simple running stitch along the edge.

DSC_3440Pulling the thread gently, I gathered my little circle fabric into a pouch and began to stuff it with some batting.

DSC_3441DSC_3443DSC_3444I didn’t pull it all the way closed, but I did secure it with a knot.  When turned over, my tiny hot air balloon looks so plumb and cute.  Can you guess what I’m making, yet?


Check it out:

DSC_3448DSC_3447DSC_3446DSC_3450Lookin’ adorable and practical, if I do say so myself!  Now, back to my spray painted treasure that needed restoring.

DSC_3452It was so easy to wipe off.  Yay!!  Just a little wiping and scrubbing around some of the intricate design and I was set!

My little vintage pressed glass craft looks perfect!!

DSC_3479I use the vintage plaid ice cooler for yarn storage, and now I have smaller vessels in place to organize all my tools.  Look at how cute my DIY pincushion is…ridiculous!  Oh, happy day!

DSC_3473DSC_3477DSC_3472DSC_3478I love my new little collection and it’s fabulous utilitarian make-over!