Find & Fix it Friday: Decorating with Thrift Finds

This is less of a “fix it” and more of a “find it” post.  Like most peeps, I stashed the Thanksgiving Day decor in a mad dash!  As soon as the turkey dinner was considered leftovers, I was pulling out Christmas decorations and starting to deck the halls.

This year, I fell in love with the chartreuse color of these European pines…

DSC_3165So, I hunted through the thrift store for some cute pots.  Obviously, finding a matching set to highlight my little trees would be darn near impossible, so I decided to look for a similar color and a simplicity of form.  Jackpot!


When all was said and done, I had some great anchor plants that cost a me a mere $3.99 per plant and a total of $5 for the planters combined!  Nice!!!  I think they are looking pretty good on my mantle 🙂


DSC_3300DSC_3301Happy decking this Christmas season!