Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company


Something happened the other day that doesn’t happen very often….Billy and I both had a Sunday off together!!!! Being in the wedding industry and working weekends with Mr. Fireman has just created a tricky schedule for us. So with that we cherish the days we get to feel like we have a bit of a “normal” schedule- aka a Sunday afternoon together. So what did we do with our day together? Go exploring, naturally. We grabbed the pup and jumped in the car and headed south. We ended up in Los Olivos and Buellton area to find Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.  This brewery was extra fun because it reminded me of my field trips during college of going out to Figueroa Mountain to study the wildflowers during the spring- so gorgeous!! You will quickly see the nature and beauty that inspired this cool brewery!!


This father son brewery takes pride in their well crafted beer- but graphics too! I loved seeing all the themes each beer had and looking at the inspiration of nature in the artwork for each label! I Could totally see their beer labels hanging in our man cave- legit.



What was also cool about this brewery in particular was that they had a space for everyone. From couch lounging with board games to a two story bar and back yard with picnic benches and fire pits- they had it all!


Even the counter had fun graphics!!


Now time to stop oohing and awwwing- let’s get a flight! We sipped on two blondes and two darker brews- all which were fabulous! They have quite the selection…


We hung outside near the stage and did some people watching while Maya made many friends…



Cheers to exploring with the hubby!



Sam (& Billy)