Fence Headboard

Here is a fun project that got my family in on zestin! As you might have seen some of the other posts of my project of “zestin up my parent’s guest bedroom” ehhmm (mine/my husbands room when we visit) But here is what I think really tied the whole room together. The Headboard! My dad and I had a lot of fun on this project, we were sketching and scheming together about color and size and material- check out what we did! (all in 2 days might i add- when we put our head together we are the power team)

We started out by picking our material- we wanted to create a “barn wood” look that would bring in the warm oranges and browns in the room. We bought 6 fence boards and chopped off the dog ear ends.

Next came staining the wood to make different toned pieces.

Now to mount! Here is where pops whipped out his skills and scheming- he mounted the boards onto three wood slats so it was not directly on wall but gave an inch gap. Very stable!

Turned out pretty cool huh! If you notice- we originally had the wall that burnt orange but the contrast was way too much for the stain so we painted the opposite wall the orange and did the cream dresser. Also- we bought another fence board and made the shelf above the headboard. Remember those canvas I stretched with fabric that are sitting on shelf? Nice to see it all tied in, cant wait to come visit and stay in this room more 🙂

Thanks for zestin- happy sunday!