Zest it Up Studio

Mon May 13, 2019

We will be rolling up the studio door, and filling the space with old friends and new friends for a night of fun. There will be snacks and beverages to make the scene even merrier as we learn some nuggets of financial wisdom. Think of it like untying some brain knots while busying our fingers with tying decorative knots. You can also feel free to BYOB if you really want to make a Tuesday night feel like a Saturday night ;)

As female entrepreneurs, balancing a little creativity with some legit financial pragmatism is what gets us excited! So, come yin and yang the night away with us. Your new houseplant will say, "Thank you."

** All supplies are included with reservation. Each guest will leave with a full belly and a pretty new houseplant complete with their handmade macrame hanger.

***As space is limited, please only RSVP with the intent to be present. If your schedule somehow changes, please contact us so that we can "refund" your spot.