Electrical Salvage Transformed

I love this!  On one of our frequent trips to the Goodwill Outlet, I came across a box of dirty hardware and odds n’ ends.  My eye immediately caught these babies:

Ok, not super pretty…but they were ceramic and they totally reminded me of candle-holders.  So, into my shopping bag they went (besides, it’s not like it was a huge gamble at less than a buck a piece!)

First thing was first, I needed to bust out my wire clippers…a few loose ends needed to be taken care of.

Such a cinch!  Now, time for some clean up…they looked a mess but it was super easy to make them look shiny and new with a rag and some glass cleaner.  But, first I needed to make a trek to Restore, our local Habitat for Humanity thrift store…I was on a hunt for something that would hold a candle snug (cuz my ceramic pieces were just a bit too large for a traditional tapered candle).  And guess what?  I found more ceramic doo-hickies, so I was able to fidget and fiddle with several of the hardware pieces to find my solution.  Oh happy day!  My solution was so nice and tidy!

The beauty was that these pieces actually screwed right into my “candle-holders.”  No Gorilla Glue required! 🙂

I love the creative process…but, I especially love it when the solution is so concise and efficient (oh, and really beautiful).

I may be getting more of these for a super dramatic display down my dining room table runner…a nice little industrial tweak to the shabby chic!

I hope you get a chance to try this super easy “craft.”  Oh, and if you get one for Christmas, remember to act surprised 😉 .