Easy zesty party straws

Minion Monday

This Monday we are busting out another craft for the little ones! Although not gonna lie I will be doing this craft for myself too- haha. It very easy but oh so rewarding- and a great idea to file away for special days like birthday’s or holidays. I love the trend of straws. They can make the most basic of drinks suddenly feel gourmet and special. It’s kind of like adding an umbrella to a cocktail- suddenly the class is brought up a notch and you might be convinced you are somewhere else other than your living room sipping lemonade. With that said, you can order fun straws online in about any color or pattern or even buy them at your local Target in the party aisle. Today we are going to add some flair and zest to the most basic paper straws….


Cardstock or scrapbook paper

Hole Punch


Zesty template


kids craft straws_0000

First start by printing out our zesty shape template and then stacking your paper to cut the perfect heart, circle, or star

kids craft straws_0001

kids craft straws_0002

Next use your hole punch to make two holes- one on the top and one on the bottom of the shape…

kids craft straws_0003

Next take your straw and weave it through the two holes…

kids craft straws_0004

Voila! You can even write cute little notes on your shapes too 🙂

kids craft straws_0005

kids craft straws_0006

kids craft straws_0007

Such a fun and easy way to zest up your next party or even your lazy Sunday morning breakfast with the family!