Easy Summer snack, Frozen Grapes

Seasonal Sunday

Today’s recipe is incredibly easy- aka call the kids to the kitchen!! I don’t know about you but this summer heat has been getting to me! Three o clock or so rolls around and let’s face it- it’s hot and I feel a bit tired. Time for a pick me up snack? Well here is one that is healthy but will also give you a boost of natural sugars and cool your afternoon off. All you need are some grapes, skewers and a freezer. These would be a great snack, kids party treat, perfect for a pool party or luau bbq. You can display them on a cute tray or even take half of a watermelon and stab the skewers in to make a fun “porky pine” look. Time to get zesty…


Start by skewering your grapes, you can make some fun patterns and combine colors for variety…


Pop those skewers in the freezer for a few hours and then….voila!


Doesn’t get much easier than that?


These summer snacks are sure to cool of your day and bring a healthy yummy snack for the kiddos!