Easy Silver Tray Chalkboard Sign

Hellooooo zesters! Today we are going to take a little walk down memory lane for a thrifty idea….

I always see these cheap serving trays at the thrifts store and they always seem to call my name, but i never knew what to do with them….until today…..

Supplies you will need:

First I put a layer of paint on the tray, after drying I did two more layers!

Next its power tool time! Decide the orientation you want to hang your tray- or maybe you don’t want to hang it? Maybe you want to put it in a cute picture stand? I am making mine a “menu” board to be put in a kitchen…

After painting and drilling simply string that baby up and voila…easy right?

Kristi made hers a cute little “welcome home” sign.



Just think of the possibilities that is chalk board could be- cute notes to your hubby/wife, great chalkboard for kids to practice their ABC’s, a menu, wedding sign, or even hanging on your door acting as a wreath. I made 5 of these boards today- they would make a great gift too!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for zestin it up!


Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton