Easy Headband Crown Hairstyle

With the New Year we are all about fresh starts- new diets, cleaning, working out, etc. Today we are going to tackle a new hairstyle that will be a good one to file away for when you need a quick go to. Not only is it fast and easy but you can do it with short or long hair- score!! All you need is an elastic headband and you are good to go!

Start by placing the headband around the crown of your head…

easy hairstyle_0000

Next take a section of hair just above your ear and wrap around the band, then let the excess hang…

easy hairstyle_0001

One more time on the other side….

So now I have done one section of hair on each side, time to take the same section of hair and continue to wrap and cover the elastic headband…easy hairstyle_0003

Keep wrapping until the band is covered and let the excess hang- voila!

easy hairstyle_0004easy hairstyle_0005

And curious what the front looks like??easy hairstyle_0006

Cheers to happy hair-do’s!