Easy Embroidery Craft for Kids

We have been having so much fun with our CUBS + CRAFTS set of munchkins over here at the Zest studio, that we figured we would share one of our most recent activities to do with your kiddos at home (just in case your are geographically too far away to join us). Working with easy materials, we saw 3 & 4 year olds conquer this project beautifully. It was amazing to watch their ah-struck mommies, as the toddlers dexterously used their fine motor skills to create one-of-a-kind embroidered flags for their home. I am a BIG believer in the DIY movement, and love that these little kiddos learned a new skill and joined the brigade of the hand makers that are beautifying their world through craft!

small or medium sized embroidery hoop
colorful yarn
plastic yarn needle
chopstick or thin wood dowel
hot glue gun

If your kid’s are older, like mine, they can use a sharpie to draw whatever shape they want on the burlap. Moms, if you have little ones, draw a simple shape to help your kids along. Then begin by threading the yarn needle and tying a knot in a yarn of their choice. You will want to start from underneath so that the knot is hidden, then just tell your kiddo to go from black line to black line with their stitches. They can trace the line or go straight across, either way works. That’s the beauty of this project, it all looks good inside the lines!

Just bring the needle down, pull the yarn through and then poke it back up on another black line. Working back and forth is easy for the little set, and works beautifully for “coloring in” the little design you create. We did shamrocks at our CUBS + CRAFTS, and they worked perfectly for St. Patty’s Day!

However, I love that this project works for the older kids, too. My 10 year old loved this as an introductory to embroidery. This makes for a super rad craft for sleepovers!

If you have kiddos that range in age, you should totally give this a try. I love how Evangeline’s turned out!

The last step is what you want to do with the embroideries. You can use a chopstick or dowel and a little hot glue to make a wall hanging or flag for the garden! Heck, you could even do a little sewing and turn it into a pillow.

As always, happy crafting, my friends! And have some fun bringing your kids in on the journey! After all, shared passion and creativity makes life beautiful!