Easy Electrical Tape Accent Wall

Chanda and I are beyond ecstatic about the progress of our “Zest Quarters”- especially our new office. We will be showing you more pics of the overall space and design next week for “what’s up wednesday” but in the mean time we are going to show off one of our favorite new techniques for making a wall get that “wow” factor. I love how easy and versatile this project is….



First things first, you need to choose your pattern. What inspires you?? Geometrics? Nature? Think up the perfect design, ideally one that involves straight lines. So here are a few to get you started….tribal patterns…arrows…mountain ranges….tree branches….hexagons. We decided to do small black crosses positioned on the entire wall equally spaced apart.


You want to start with a clean dry wall. Give it a quick wipe to make sure there is no debri or dust to prevent the tape from sticking. Next go ahead and pencil out your markers (if needed) for your design with your ruler and level. We decided to space each cross 7″ apart from each other.


cross wall office zest_0000

The first few crosse’s were the trickiest- deciding how many inches to make each one, space them out and then you go at it! You are a cross machine!!  Time to zen out…then when your pattern is complete use a magic erase marker or sol-u-mel to remove the pencil lines with ease.

cross wall finished_0000cross wall finished_0001

And now for the finishing piece….drumrollll…..office finishing touches_0003

SOOO pumped!! I love that you can do this in a dorm room or an apartment or somewhere where you want to paint but aren’t allowed- zest up that wall!!

Cheer’s to easy accent walls!