Easy DIY Halloween Centerpiece and Table ideas

Okay friends this is a sequel to my post on Monday, if you didn’t catch that be sure to pop on over to this link HERE and see how I recycled these old wine and beer bottles into DIY Mummy decor. I LOVE setting the table for guests, I love that you can get super detailed and have fun with color, textiles, pottery, place cards and centerpieces! Here are some fun Halloween inspired ideas that are super easy and inexpensive for your next ghoulish bash!

bash bag, scissors, cardboard circle

Spider Web Placemat Supplies:
– Black trash bag
– Something to trace for a perfect circle that is bigger than your plates, I used a cardboard cake base
– Scissors

trace circle and cutfold trash bag in half

Next fold your circle trash bag in half and then into fourths and onto eighths to create a pie sliced size.

cut strips into trash bag to create spider web
halloween centerpiece with old bottlestrace circle and cut

First trace your circle on your trash bag and cut. Feel free to cut multiple trash bags at once, since the trash bag was not unfolded, naturally you will create two placemats at once.

fold trash bag into fourthsfold trash bag into eighth

Remember making snowflakes as a kid? Well this is similar except you don’t really want a black snowflake- you want it to look like a spider web so make sure you cut chunks out that create horizontal strips across the center but obviously not the entire way across. Make these cuts all the way to the top of the trash bag triangle like in picture.

unfold trash bag

Time to unfold your creation….muahahaha- it’s beautiful! Charlotte’s web status!

separate trash bag to have two spider web placemats

Next I made a napkin ring holder to carry on with the spider theme.
Spider Napkin Ring Supplies:
– Hot glue gun
– Wire
– Napkin
– Something to wrap the wire around, like paint bottle
– Plastic spider ring from dollar store

napkin ring holder supplies

First take your wire and wrap it around a cylinder 40 times or so.

wrap wire around paint bottlecut and tie off wire

Cut the end and tuck the wire into itself to secure a wire ring made of the loops.

hot glue spider onto wire

Next hot glue the spider to the wire ring (off the cylinder so it doesn’t stick as it dried).

let spider dry

Time to set the table! I used a basic white linen on my wood table so that the spider webs would really pop in the contrast! If you don’t have a linen, an old sheet will work!

placemats on white linenspider table setting

Then get to your place setting and don’t forget your spider napkin ring holder- so fun!!

mummy table runnerhalloween table setting

Ready for the par-tayyy!!