Easy DIY Choker T-shirt Tutorial

I grew up thrift store shopping (aka treasure hunting) to create my wardrobes and figure out my “style.” I loved that it would always force me to think a little more creatively but also I am a gal who likes options. I would rather have tons of solid inexpensive clothing than a few basics that cost an arm and leg and I would wanna cry the second I shrunk or stained it (which was always bound to happen). Of course at the same time I love staying hip with the latest trend- and that is where my diy nature has always come in handy. Right now I am loving the cut choker t-shirts that are a little edgy but yet look so comfy! Have you seen them at urban outfitters or even express? Basically a chunk of fabric missing but oh so chic? Yep I’m in to make that….

supplies shot

Cozy collared t-shirt

Have a friend mark the lowest point of your “V” or look in the mirror to mark this point. You can mark wherever feels right- cleavage or not! lol

either look in mirror or have friend chalk the lowest point

Use a regular ruler or a curved ruler if you have one, to create a triangle from the marked point to the collar. Use chalk so your lines are forgiving and easily washes off later.

chalk line with ruler your triangle

Grab your scissors and cut along your marked lines up to collar.

cut along chalk lines

Then cut just below your collar so you can completely take a chunk of triangle out.

triangle cut out of shirt to create choker

Not exact, but not to worry- next stretch out the triangle a bit with your hands so it’s not too stiff. This is where the edge of the fabric will roll a bit and that is way more forgiving if you don’t have the perfect cut!

finished choker t-shirt

Ready to rock out!