Easy DIY Beer Bottle Opener

Thrifty Thursday

To get in the spirit for Father’s Day we thought we would get your juices flowing with a zesty thrifty gift. What man doesn’t love a good beer?? Today we are building the perfect addition to any man cave, garage or barn- a mounted beer bottle opener. Brooke and I tested this one together….


-A piece of scrap wood

-A bottle opener (you can grab at your local hardware store)

-Pipe strapping

-Small 4oz mason jar

-Drill/screws & picture mounting hardware

-optional spray paint


If you want to spray paint your hardware go for it!! Brooke zested with gold 🙂


OOoooo AAAAAaaahhh


First mount your picture frame hardware on the back of your wood


Next mount your beer opener centered on the other side of the wood


After the bottle opener is mounted you will want to mount your mason jar directly underneath (but with about 5 inches of space)

To mount the jar simply make a circle with the pipe strapping and measure the jar. Next drill a screw to secure.


Slide your jar into the holder…

diy_rustic_beer_bottle_top_opener_decor_0008And Voila!



Love it! Now time to hang the bottle opener in our man cave- Happy Father’s Day Billy!



Worked like a gem!


Hope you (and your pops) enjoys!


Brooke & Sam

 Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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