Easy Copper and Wood Ladder Anthropologie Hack

When the weather gets wet and cold outside, I admittedly slow down on wood-working projects.  Something about numb, cold fingers and electrical power tools in the rain that just doesn’t always intrigue me towards creativity. LOL.  There is an exception, though.  If it’s a project that I can whip up in less than an hour, and it makes my home even cozier by design, then count me in.  Besides, an hour long project is pretty easy to do in-between the snippets of rain, right?


3/4″ Copper M pipes, length enough to cut 5 pieces 22″ long

2″x2″ boards, 2 of them cut to 5′ long

wood stain (optional)

pipe cutter

chop-saw (or ask local hardware store to cut it for you)


7/8″ drill bit (very important, cuz the right tool makes the job faster and safer)

E6000 glue (my newest obsession!)

This is a completely optional step, but if you want to darken the 2″x2″ boards with a walnut stain, it will make the luster of the copper look even more amazing once the project is completed.  If you are going to stain, begin with this step once the boards are cut to the right size.  That way, they have a chance to dry while you prep the rest of the project.

If you have never used a pipe cutter before, you might become addicted.  It is such a simple tool to use, and makes so many projects possible!  Just make sure that your cutter is large enough to cut a 3/4″ pipe.

You want to measure out 22″ lengths of pipe.  I usually just use a Sharpie to mark it, and then line up your cutter on that line before twisting the knob to tighten it down on the pipe.  Then, it is just a matter of twisting the cutter around the pipe, tightening as you go, until “clang” and the pipe breaks off!  I’m telling you, it can be addicting!

The other super necessary tool for this project is the right sized drill bit.  This will literally make your job SO much faster and safer!  I went with a 7/8″ drill bit, and it made the perfect sized holes for my pipes in like 10 minutes.  It was awesome!

You will want to drill five holes down the side of each 2″x2″ board.  I kept my holes all 12″ apart, so that my ladder rungs would be level.  Make sure to measure twice here, you do not want a ladder that is all wonky and askew.

If this project wasn’t already easy enough, here is the easiest step. Fill the holes with some E6000 glue.  This stuff is awesome!  It is super strong and waterproof.  I have really loved working with it and it does a great job of joining the metal to the wood for an easy project.  Just fill the holes and insert the pipes.  It will be dry to the touch in about an hour, but give it a full 24 hours to fully cure before you put your new blanket ladder to use.

I am definitely feeling the Anthropologie vibes!  If you are looking for an easy Anthropologie hack, then this might be it, folks.

I just love the way the copper gleams next to the stained wood!

Not too shabby for a one hour project, if you ask me.  This diy blanket ladder instantly adds pretty, cozy, and major hygge to any room.  Bring on the chilly mornings and the steaming cups of coffee, please.