Easy Clipboard Decorating

With so many ball in the air to constantly juggle, I have become quite the list maker! From 5 page long grocery lists (#lifeofacaterer) to workshop supplies, quickbooks agenda and even good old house chores- the lists are never ending but yet oh so fulfilling when we cross them off- can I get an amen?! Being a business owner we constantly get the spam phone calls and random people trying to sell us stuff, but when these cheesy American Express clipboards came in the mail I thought twice before chucking them into the Goodwill pile. I am constantly losing my pen when attempting to conquer my to do list, so why not add some zest to these clipboards and make for an efficient fun project!? (obviously you can do this project with any clipboards you have- ha!)

clipboard decor ideas

After a quick trip to Michaels or even the Dollar Store if you are lucky, snag some washi tape and get to measuring and designing!

measure and cut washi tape

This project couldn’t be any easier, simply tape off some grids or make some fun patterns and shapes….voila!

measure and cut washi tape

Loving the little touch of sparkle and fun geometrics, lady boss time!

decorated clipboarddecorated clipboard

Now to conquer those to-do lists!