Easy Cinder Block Bench for your backyard

Billy and I love to have people over and host, so with that we are constantly looking for ways to improve our yard and “hosting” space. We were super excited about our recent backyard transformation, we took out grass and installed some fake grass, plantings, decomposed granite and even poured some concrete. Amongst all these improvements we still wanted to create a fire pit area, but let’s face it things can get pricy when it all adds up!! To save some bucks we were able to come up with a great alternative for our new and improved fire pit seating area. Rather than building some large wall with seating we were able to make our own and what’s kind of nice is that it’s not permanent so we can still have some flexibility with changing the yard up as our lifestyle changes.


But there is one sad part about this blog post, remember Franklin- oh good old Frankie. In case you have no clue who I am talking about, Meet Franklin. My 50 lb 6 year old Sulcata Tortoise who recently ran away. Yep, he managed to escape his cinder block cage while Billy and I were out of town, so saddddddd. But with that said, it’s been quite some time now since Frankie escaped and Billy and I were ready to move on and make use of his cage. Heck now we can think of him when we sit on our bench right? bahahaha


Supplies: (for my exact bench, feel free to altar to your area)


Did I mention we were able to get some of our husbands to join in the zest?!?!? Oh heck yes!! Billy started with some sanding….

easy_diy_outdoor_benches_0003Next Josh and Cooper tag teamed staining the wood

easy_diy_outdoor_benches_0002There might have been a few beers involved as every good man project should….

After the stain is dry go ahead and add a coat of polyurethane for extra protection in the weather

Now it’s time to play tetris!!

easy_diy_outdoor_benches_0004First off you will want to wear gloves when you move the cinder blocks to avoid them tearing up your hands

easy_diy_outdoor_benches_0005So you can see the formula that worked for me here….mixing in those doubles and singles to create the pyramid look for plantings

easy_diy_outdoor_benches_0006Now to plant! I am going to do some native grasses and succulents since the cinder blocks are not too big and won’t hold too much water for long- gotta think of what will actually live!!


Fill the blocks with soil and get to planting….

easy_diy_outdoor_benches_0008Managed to find a little friend in the process!! ah!! {i LOVE frogs-im weird}

easy_diy_outdoor_benches_0010Yay! LOVE the color and can’t wait until these start to grow and really hang over the blocks and fill in!!

easy_diy_outdoor_benches_0009Billy managed to sneak in one more coat of poly while I planted…

easy_diy_outdoor_benches_0012And there you have it!! So excited for our next bonfire!!


Sam {and the zesty boys}

Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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      I simply slid the wood into the block hole and gravity does it’s job- no glue required! It has stayed great and I love that it is moveable! Hope that helps! xo Sam

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  3. Making these benches next weekend! I’ve been searching for weeks for the perfect cinder block bench and yours is it! Thank you!

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  4. brilliant! i love it! you know, when my sons were in their early teens, they had 2 turtles, frank and frances! what a coincidence! anyhow, they somehow escaped ( who knew they were houdinis’? ) well, my son called the radio station, and had it announced on the radio, and guess what…they were found! i thought you would enjoy that little story…that was, of course, before home computers…no, you are not weird for liking frogs…i personally like toads!

  5. I like this! Have you considered painting the cinder blocks? A pop of color , like turquoise or red, would look great!

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  6. Hi! I love this project and have a quick question. Where did you find your cinder block? I bought some at Home Depot but the hole does not seem to be wide enough to fit my 4×4 that I purchased (it’s 4x4x8). Any tips? Thanks again!

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      Hi Kayla! I bought my cinder blocks at Home Depot too! I think the trick is to get the wood (while you are there) and make sure it fits- they must have different sizing. Maybe they will let you do an exchange? Would love to see pics of your project when you are done, thanks for zesting!!! xoxo Sam

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        I simply slid the wood into the block hole and gravity does it’s job- no glue required! It has stayed great and I love that it is moveable! Hope that helps! xo Sam

    2. Did you attach the bricks with any glue, adhesive or mortar?
      Also do you have a template for the positioning of the various bricks…I’m positioning challenged and could use this…thanks

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