Easy care package ideas for “Get Well Soon” box

Thrifty Thursday

My dear dear mother broke her ankle on both sides and fractured her bone just below her knee. I wish I could tell you it was some epic battle or story of how it played out, but the poor gal fell in a ditch in the backyard while breaking up a cat fight (yes literal cats- eek!). With all that said, you know that saying “I got it from my momma”- well yes that is me. Not necessarily my looks (she is dark eyed, olive skin and curly hair so a bit different from me) but she is a go gooo goooooo getter. She is always on the move and accomplishing. She is a fellow lady boss and owns and works at two hair salon and spas. This is where I get it from my momma- the entreprenuer bug, the desire to take care of people, creativity in my veins and an equal passion for food. This woman will have dessert with every meal. Yep- love her. Anyways, although it’s not quite mother’s day, my momma needed some extra lovin’ seeing as she is down for the count for quite a few weeks with a cast. (((I can’t even imagine her sitting still this long!!))) So I decided to ship her some love and activities to keep her busy and help the time pass. It turned out pretty darn cute if I may so myself- hence why I decided it needed to become a blog post to inspire YOU peeps. 🙂

First- a homemade card to make her smile. Simply buy a blank card or fold some paper and slap a bandaid on it- so easy and cute!

mom care package_0000

Like I said, girl loves her dessert so a little something to help during those troubled moments of insanity. Chocolate. Chocolate soothes all.

mom care package_0001

Not only is this turmeric tea comforting and yummy, but the turmeric in it helps prevent inflammation and boosts her immunity while she is feeling down.

mom care package_0002

Spirulina pills to help build those bones back naturally and speed up the healing process, these are packed with Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E! That is one major super food ready to conquer!

mom care package_0003

Time to get crafty and knit up some wash cloths or pot holders.

mom care package_0005

Straws, because let’s face it dining in bed can be a struggle.

mom care package_0006

Lots of sitting around can mean lots of day dreaming and time to journal, a fresh journal for some fresh thoughts and doodles.

mom care package_0004

Some gum, because let’s face it- you are going to have some visitors and getting up to brush your teeth might be a struggle at some point. #reallife

mom care package_0007

Nothing a few good chick flicks can’t heal with some laughter and love.

mom care package_0008

Coloring books and pencils to let the inner creativity out!

mom care package_0009

Some books and Chicken Noodle Soup stories to feed the soul.

mom care package_0010

Get caught up on the latest hot spots, celebrity gossip and trendy recipes with these must reads!

mom care package_0011

I scored this cute Target wrap at the thrift store for $10- I wrote a note saying imagine this wrap is a hug from me <3

mom care package_0012

Time to wrap it all up and send the love!!

mom care package_0013

Hope this little care package inspired you for the next time you have a friend or family member down for the count!

Zest up their gloomy day lovelies!