Easy Braided Low Bun Up-do

Hello Zesty girls, this easy and fast hair up do is perfect as we inch into the higher temperatures this week and summer begins to start knocking on our door. Making my momma the hairstylist proud today as I show you this quick do that can instantly class up your night our or make for an easy go to on those days you just don’t have time to get primped. All you need is a hair tie and a bobby pin- score!

Start by making a low pony tail and dividing the pony in half.


Turn the inside of the pony tail outside, your classic topsy tail. Then I loosened the look a bit by pulling at the sides.


Next braid the remaining hair from your ponytail….


Now time to wrap the braid through the gap {just like your original topsy tail} until you run out of hair and have a small tail left.


Take your bobby pin and secure the little tail underneath out of view…


A bit more pulling to loosen the look….


And there you have it, a messy but complicated looking low braided bun!


Enjoy, can’t wait to see you rock it!