Driftwood Christmas Star tree topper

Trendy Tuesday

Remember that driftwood garland I made awhile back? Those awesome pieces of driftwood I collected on the beach from Billy and my anniversary trip? Yaaaaaa- well the puppy happened to snag the garland and it broke. I was left with two decisions, re-string the garland OR re-craft the garland. I decided I have been wanting to switch up my table decor a bit anyways so it’s time to re-craft. I knew I wanted to do a craft that would be equally sentimental since this wasn’t just any driftwood. What is more sentimental than a christmas star? I grabbed a hot glue gun and got to playing with my pieces….


Driftwood (about 20 pieces or so of varying size)

Glue Gun & Glue



I wish there was a prefect recipe I could write for you but it’s really just about piecing together your driftwood pieces to resemble a star. I started with some longer pieces to create a good “base” and worked my way up from there.


Starting to resemble a star? no? just squint your eyes- hahah!


Once I felt like it was the best star shape possible I grabbed a longer piece of driftwood to create a “handle”


Ah I love it!!


Simply stick your star “handle” on the top of the tree and wrap wire around it to secure your star.


It was the perfect addition to our mini zesty Chritsmas tree!! You could even wrap some mini wire lights on the star or glue some glitter for that extra “bling bling” factor.


Shine bright zesties!