Dollar Store Wood Burned Cutting Board

Sam and I love personal touches in our homes and in our studio. There is something so satisfying about creating exactly what you want…it’s like the true self expression in your space. I mean, you can totally snag awesome finds at local stores that represent your aesthetic, but it feels so much more personal when the creative process of your imagination syncs up with your making skills. It is even better when you add those personal touches to the “heart of the home,” aka the kitchen.

The best is when crafting personal touches around your home starts with a trip to the 99C Store!
bamboo cutting boards
woodturner kit
acrylic paint
paint brushes

Since having a clean kitchen is just as important as being cute, I decided to opt away from burning a design on my cutting boards. Instead, I used the woodburner to “design” some organization for my cutting boards by scribing the words “meat,” “veggies,” “poultry,” and “dairy” in a fav font. No cross-contamination for this girl!

Depending where you are at with your freehand skills, you can either just wing-it with penciling-in text or you can print something out to trace.

Next up, I chose some fun colors to paint the edges of each board, just so that they were even more visually appealing AND organized!

I am stoked with how this personal touch looks in my kitchen. I love that these little cutting boards even have a metal ring for hanging. Ummm, and that they cost me only $1.99 each!!

Clean, tidy and such a fun way to express your own style. These would make amazing hosting gifts, too.
Have fun with choosing fonts, colors, you name it! It would be cute to burn a strip along the edge or even a honeycomb pattern in the corner. So many options!!!

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