DIY Wool Dryer Balls with Essential Oil

I can hardly believe that tomorrow is December! It is time to start thinking about busting out some DIY skills and getting ready to fill the bottom of the tree with presents. Hahaha, I know in reality that I am wayyyy behind. I should have started at least a month ago if I wanted to sanely make all my big plans pan out. I’m ok with that. I can be flexible. Honestly, I think flexibility is what keeps me sane. So, I will bend like a yogi and pare down some of my larger project aspirations and pepper in a few sweet but quick gift ideas. Hello sanity!
This one is one of my favorites, both to give and receive! I love working with natural elements, and wool is one of my favorite mediums. These DIY wool dryer balls are a cinch to make and I love how they make the mundane chore of laundry feel a little special. Pair them with a favorite essential oil like lavender, rosemary or lemongrass and you have a gift that will actually get used! Nice, right?

1 skein of a neutral colored wool yarn
1 package of a neutral colored roving wool
pantyhose or large coffee filters
hot water

Start by creating balls of yarn roughly the size of a baseball. I kept the project super cheap by picking up some wool yarn and the thrift store, because you won’t ever see the color on the inside of the dryer balls. My only caution is to stick with neutral colors. The worst would be turning all your clothes pink because you decided to use red yarn in the dryer with you wet clothes!

Once you have your ball of yarn finished, wrap it up with some roving wool. It does not have to be perfect because it will shrink up and eventually become a solid layer.

Now for the shrinking part. Fill a bowl with the hottest water your hands can handle. Then, massage your ball with the hot water and soap. The key is hot water and friction. Wool fibers are kind of incredible. They have natural little hooks at the ends, so when you agitate them with hot water they shrink up and start working a lot like velcro…grabbing onto each other tightly and never letting go 😉

Once you feel like it is becoming more solid, wrap it up tightly and get it ready for a run through the dryer. I didn’t have any pantyhose on hand to cut up, so I improvised with a couple layers of large coffee filters (pantyhose would be better). Whichever you choose, wrap them tightly and secure with a rubber band.

Then into boiling water they go for 10 minutes. Last step is to through them in the dryer till they are dry. Hahahaha I had to use tongs cuz they were so dang hot!

That’s it! They are ready to gift!

I love how easy this gift is for making a home just a little more natural and nontoxic. Made with love, this is a great gift for just about anyone.
Now time to plan my next project! It’s ELF TIME!