DIY Wine Bottle Waterer for Potted Plants

Thrifty Thursday

Living in wine country means, with great certainty, that one has a decent stockpile of wine bottles.  This is especially true if you happen to be in the business of throwing fabulous bashes every weekend. Empty bottles are always a sign of a great wedding celebration!

Recycling is a must, but sometimes up-cycling is way too tempting.  We have made candle lanterns out of them in the past, but today we are taking them out into the garden.  After all, this is the time of year when most of us try to get away for a couple of days here or there.  Well, with temperatures rising high during summer vacation time, we figured the bottles would make great slow release waterers for our potted plants!

wine bottle pot watering_0000

I won’t even begin to make a supplies list here.  I mean, really.  All ya need is some empty wine bottles and a potted garden.  That’s all folks!  I guess you could have some fun and etch some designs on the glass with a frosted paint solution from Michael’s or play with some colorful paint designs with glass paint.  Actually, that’s a good idea!  That may have to sneak onto another post 🙂

wine bottle pot watering_0001

Keeping it simple and very vino-centric, just rinse out your old bottles and fill with water.

wine bottle pot watering_0002

Begin a hole in the soil of your potted plant with your fingers and then just quickly jam the mouth of the wine bottle down into the dirt.

wine bottle pot watering_0003

The soil will “plug up” the opening of the bottle and will very slowly begin absorbing the water and drawing it down into your pot.

wine bottle pot watering_0004wine bottle pot watering_0006

Make sure to give all your pots a bottle to help make watering a cinch.

wine bottle pot watering_0007wine bottle pot watering_0008wine bottle pot watering_0009wine bottle pot watering_0010

Now, before we leave for a couple of days, we water all our plants and then top them off with a wine bottle.  It has literally saved so many of our plants!  It also makes the chore of watering a little less annoying, since using the bottles gives you a bit more time between waterings.  Happy Gardening, lovelies!

Get your fingers dirty!