DIY Wildflower Seed Bombs

Chanda and I are huge on plants. It doesn’t help that we both are nature freaks, both loving the outdoors and constantly getting excited when we discover new plants.  Whenever we go hiking or heck are even driving the local neighborhood we are constantly on the “look out.” I think what usually “wows” us both is the extreme wild foliage that is edible, easy to grow ornamental/house plants or colorful natives. Today we celebrate all things wild as we create some fun wildflower seed bombs! This eco friendly and boho fabulous DIY makes for a great favor too! It will leave your guests feeling adventurous and carefree as they plant wildflower seed bombs and are reminded of your epic party! 


  • Newspaper
  • Ice cube trays or forms
  • Seeds
  • Paper
  • Water
  • Blender
  • Cloth to strain
  • Sponge

First start by tearing your paper into strips and then place them in a blender. You can do colored paper if you are hoping for a certain hue, otherwise let’s recycle and mix in newspaper!

I tore up about 4 cups of paper…

Then I filled blender with just enough water to cover the paper….

Time to blend the paper up…meanwhile cuddle time with little Ryker 🙂

Once fully blended, grab a bowl and strainer as well as a thin dish towel or cheese cloth

Pour all your paper & water mixture into the towel and then sprinkle in your seeds….I did a mixture of CA Golden Poppies and Marigolds but feel free to plan whatever thrives in your area!

Next wrap up your towel into a tight ball and SQUEEZE tightly. Get as much water as you can out!

Next take pieces of your mixture and smash them into mold, its okay if there is a little water- the paper still might be moist….

Next grab a dry sponge and press down on each mold to absorb any remaining water…

Let the mold sit out for 24hrs and the water should completely evaporate, leaving you with paper seed bombs that are easy to pop out of the mold and plant!

“Bombs” away friends!