DIY Rock Candy

Trendy Tuesday

Candy bars have definitely become quite the trend for really any event- baby shower, birthday parties, weddings- I mean who doesn’t love candy? Especially when you are in celebration mode? But it can get pricey when you want to have a good balance of variety, color and flavors for guests to choose from. That’s where you will want to file this recipe away for the coming shower and party season. This rock candy recipe would not only be the perfect addition to your next dessert bar but would also make for a great party favor!!


3 3/4 cup white sugar

1 1/2 cup light corn syrup

1 cup water

Food coloring


Extract (I used lemon and almond)

Lipped Cookie Sheet, foil and oil spray

Candy thermometer- a must!!

rock candy_0000

First cover a cookie sheet with foil and give it a light spray of oil, then you will have an easy clean up and candy removal.

rock candy_0003

Combine your water, sugar and corn syrup in a medium-sized saucepan. Stir  and then place the saucepan over medium heat and warm until the sugar dissolves, stirring occasionally. Once you have all the sugar dissolved you will want to bring the mixture up to a boil and add your candy thermometer into the pot.

rock candy_0001rock candy_0002

Ok so learn from me peeps!! You want to make sure there is an even boiling point all around so adjust the temperature accordingly. Otherwise if the temp is too high the mixture will boil over, this happened the first time I ever made rock candy and boy was it fun to clean up (ehhmm no!). Also once you add the thermometer, no stirring!! Just patiently watch as the temperature grows to 300 degrees F (this took me 15 to 20 mins- patience!)

While you are waiting to hit temperature you can prep your food coloring since you will want to act quickly once you do hit temperature. I added a few drop of food coloring and extract to some glass bowls and had wood sticks to stir in. My greased sheets were nearby and ready.

rock candy_0004

Once you hit 300 degrees F remove the pot from the stove and pour into your already prepared bowl with food coloring and extract. Stir quickly and then pour onto greased sheets. Next add sprinkles so they all set together.

rock candy_0005

I made a yellow rock candy with blue sprinkles and then a black rock candy with silver sprinkles. Let the rock candy cool for about 1 hour and then grab a hammer and break into chunks. As you can see I used my hands but some pieces were sharp- be careful!!

rock candy_0000rock candy_0001rock candy_0002

I loved how they made for the perfect addition to a little candy bar! You could break up the pieces pretty small to place on cupcakes or a cake, bag them up as favors. SO fun!

oh p.s.- when it comes to cleaning use REALLY hot water!!

You rock!