DIY River Rock Tea Trivet

Trendy Tuesday

I love how tea has been getting the spotlight lately.  Perhaps it is because of it’s healthful benefits, or perhaps it is because it literally comes in a myriad of flavors.  Some teas bring gorgeous medicinal properties, and others simply deliver the needed late-afternoon pick me up.  Regardless of the reasoning for tea’s star attraction these days, I am seriously happy about this growing trend.  It has been fun watching tea shops pop up in town, with all their beautiful loose leaves decorating the walls in jars.

I am even more keen on the simple ceremony of tea.  Even in it’s most casual form, tea time has a hint of ceremony mixed with comfort.  Much like I love sipping a delicious wine out of a gorgeous Reidel glass, I love the little elements that make a simple cuppa feel special.  I adore using fine china (especially from my midcentury collection) and I love my stoneware teapot that my mother purchased for me on vacation in Virginia (it keeps my tea blissfully hot).

This little DIY project has given me another little element to my tea experience that makes me smile.  Now I can put my piping hot teapot on any surface in style, thanks to this sweet little river rock tea trivet.  It turned out so cute!

rock teapot pad_0001


a black mat (from the Dollar Tree)

bags of rocks (from the Dollar Tree)

a strong adhesive (from the Dollar Tree)



a plate (for tracing)

rock teapot pad_0002

I found this mat in the kitchen section of the Dollar Store…but I have found similar material in the automotive section, as well.  Grab a plate and trace a perfect circle using chalk.  You could also cut an elongated rectangle for a runner, instead.

rock teapot pad_0003rock teapot pad_0004

The trick is to find the flattest rocks you can find in the bag, so that your tea pot will be steady and level.

rock teapot pad_0005

Figure out how the rocks will fit together before using any glue.  Once you are happy with how things look, pick up one rock at a time and glue it into place.

rock teapot pad_0006

Follow the glue manufacturers directions for curing time before putting your cute little trivet to use.

rock teapot pad_0007

I love the texture!  Bringing natural elements into my decor helps create my happy place!

rock teapot pad_0008

Happy crafting!  And cheers to some sweet teatime!



photo credit Anya McInroy