DIY Recycled Glass Water Bottle

Minion Monday

Ok, so now that I am introducing you to a third project for Teacher’s Appreciation Week, you may think I am harping on a topic.  Not the case, my dears.  This is simply a week that has taken me by surprise in the past…and as a mama, I have vowed to really try and not fail at this one again.  Seriously!  Somehow it manages to scoot by in the whirlwind of schedules and I wind up feeling like a lame-O!  Not this time, my friends!!  With a little pre-thought and some good old creativity, this can be a fun time with your kids.

Case in point, here is a little recycling craft that is super easy and kid friendly.  With a recycled glass bottle and some dollar store supplies, you can have a cute and colorful gift that can become a staple for your kids teacher’s lunch box.

rubber band waterbottle_0000


recycled bottle with lid

bag of colorful rubber bands (got mine at the 99c Store)

foam crafting sheet

glue (not water soluble)


twine or embroidery thread
rubber band waterbottle_0001Start by tracing out a piece of foam that will fit the bottom of your bottle.  rubber band waterbottle_0002Glue the foam to the bottom of your bottle.rubber band waterbottle_0003rubber band waterbottle_0004Start by glueing one rubber band in place at the bottom of the bottle.  After that has dried, let your little one slide all the other rubber bands on in any pattern their little hearts desire!
rubber band waterbottle_0005If and when they get tired out, you can help by tying on some twine for the water bottle handle.
rubber band waterbottle_0006You can obviously just braid this, but why not do the knots of a friendship bracelet?  Actually, next time, I am going to use some colored embroidery thread so that it looks like an actual friendship bracelet!rubber band waterbottle_0007Once your kids have placed the last rubber band, glue it in place.rubber band waterbottle_0008Include a cute little note of appreciation from your minion, and you are all set!

Ok, Teacher Appreciation Week, I am ready for you!!! LOL