DIY Pom-Pom Bullet Journal Bookmark

Apparently, I have geeked out when it comes to Bullet Journaling. It has become an awesome tool for organizing my life and taking little snippets of destress time here-and-there throughout my week. There are some days when I go wild with little illustrations and watercoloring, and then there are the times that all that goes into my journal looks like chicken scratch as I barely have time to organize my “to do” list. Yep, that is life! Hahaha, I kind of like how my bullet journal is a literal visual representation of my life!
Well, with geeking out comes other little crafts that make my journal even more functional. Bookmarks are an obvious improvement, I think. However, if it’s going to live in my Bullet Journal, I want it as colorful and playful as my illustrations. I personally love the visual absurdity of a good pom-pom. I don’t know what it is about them, they are fluffy little geometric shapes that seem to belong to girlhood. I mean, really, there is nothing sophisticated about a pom-pom….but they put a smile on my face, and that is enough to make them keepers in my book! So, whether you are making a bookmark for yourself, or just need a simple little DIY instruction of how to make some fluffy pom-poms for another project, I am happy to help ya out!

Colorful yarn (you can use 1, 2, 3 or more colors if you like)
A basic dining fork
Large paperclips (if making a bookmark)
A coz spot to sit while you craft with yarn!

Cut a 10″ piece of string and place it between the tines of the fork. Now, use a fresh piece of string to wrap around the width of the tines many, many times.

The more times you wrap around the tines, the fluffier your pom-pom will be! Once you have what you want, snip your yarn free of your yarn-ball. You should be left with a fork that looks like it is burdened with a massive amount of colorful spaghetti! Remember that 10″ piece of string that your placed between the tines? Just pull that up around your lump of “spaghetti” and tie it tight. You should be left with something that looks like a mini bowtie.

Using your scissors, snip the sides of the “bowtie” loops open, to release all the fluffiness of your pom-pom. Then, just trim up the loosed ends of string to make a symmetrical, fuzzy ball. Get ready for some legit yarn confetti to fall on your lap!

You can use the 10″ yarn that ties up the middle of your pom-pom to attach it anywhere! Blankets, hair ties, anything! Today, I attached mine to an oversized paperclip to make my fun little bookmark. Once I tied it to the paperclip, I just cut the 10″ yarn to match the length of all the rest of my fuzz. And VIOLA!

I know, I know…it belongs in girlhood…but I love it!
Life is crazy, full and messy. That is what my bullet journal tackles. My pom-pom just helps out by adding a touch of whimsy and a smile. I love them so much that I have even added one to all of our Bullet Journal Starter Kits in our shop.
Just a little pom-pom crazy could be good for the soul, my friends. Hahaha!